Hey guys this week I'm doing another post with Elvi clothing.
In this post ill be showing you two more pieces that I love!
I love that Elvi challenges the norm of whats okay for plus size women to wear . 
Keeping the style of their clothes true to what in trend yet still providing pieces that flatter.
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This sweater is probably one of my favorites , I've worn it almost everywhere its amazing to have such a cute simple piece and not to mention warm . 
This funnel neck sweater from Elvi works well with jeans and skirts. It really just depends on how you want to dress it. Personally I love a cute skirt with a thick sweater. 
I paired the sweater with a brown leather skirt to bring out more textures!


This next piece was a really beautiful sequined snake print top. I love snake print and it looks super cool in person.This top was hard to dress down due to how glam it was it would be great for the holidays for something casual .
What would you wear these staple pieces with ?

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As always 
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Hey guys ! Welcome back to my page !
I'm so excited to announce that I'll be back to a posting schedule of Sunday's bi weekly. With a fresh new start before the new year I'll be post lots of different fits to upgrade your AW wardrobe .

ELVI AW X Shameless Cr3ature Pt. Two

Hey Hunnies !
I'm super excited to bring part two of my Collab with Elvi clothing to you guys! 
I am really excited to share these photos with you because honestly they are my favorite thus far.
 So as Part Two I'm featuring my all time love of my life the Elvi patchwork fur coat.
For years I dreamed of getting a fur coat for the winter. I especially love this coat because of the uniqueness of the pattern. With mixes of chocolate, black and cream, its hard to find something in my winter wardrobe that doesn't go.  I plan on pairing this piece with jeans,skirts, and dresses. It honestly can dress up almost any basic outfit.I love this coat and you'll be seeing it a lot more
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Lace up body // ASOS
Skirt // XXI+
Boots// Torrid
Coat// Elvi

That's it for today guys ! I have so many more surprises for you and lots of new announcements !
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I cant wait to show you more of Elvis AW line!
I also wanted to just thank Elvi for he opportunity to showcase such beautiful well made products it honestly been such a pleasure to work with such a great company .
as always
Stay Shameless
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Hey guys 
This week I'm really excited to show you a brand that I am currently obsessing over. Elvi is a UK based brand for plus sized women . They focus on a sleeker more modern side of  fashion . I love that Elvi is so unlike any brands you can find . They focus on classic styles and cat walk trends to ensure every women shopping with them leaves feeling , looking, and just being the queen they are. Elvi has also worked with one of my favorite models Haley hasslehof for a very Androgynous geared line which I'm currently in love with .

We recently came together 
so I could show case their Autumn Winter line and I was amazed with Their selection!  For this post I'll be showing you two dresses that really caught my eye .Keep reading for more details !

The first dress is probably going to be a staple in my every day this winter . I'm a huge fan of snake print I swear I was suppose to born in the early 90's. I love the details of the pleated bell sleeve on this piece !The dress fits right below the knee and paired with a tall boot makes me feel like I'm ready for a day out in the city.  What I love most though is that the dress is a statement on its own.I'm excited to pair this piece with vest, leather jackets, and tights .  

for all you fall fan this is Elvis tartan shift dress I love this dress because it really reminds me of fall. Elvis autumn winter collection is very true to their season. This piece screams hot coco, knits, and pumpkins ! The dresses color are probably my favorite part the colors are bold and easy to pair with. I can't wait to wear this with tights ,boots, scarf, and a huge cardigan .

That's it for this week guys look out for part two of my AW with Elvi next week feature my all time favorite piece thus far ! 

As always stay shameless ! 


Hey Hunnies
I know its been a while but I'm back and hopefully getting a new look out for you every week .I am super excited to say I'm working very hard to have more variety on my page, along with more videos and hauls! 

This week I went for a more simple fit . I swear by the torrid bralets and try to interrogate them into every piece of my wardrobe .A bralet with a high waisted bottom always looks very ready for the night out. It can be easily changed to a more laid-back look with the help of some more casual pieces. I paired my torrid high waisted jeans with some fun basic accessories to give it more of a western feel.This look is perfect for grabbing coffee,going to out to eat with friends,or even just running errands.
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Jean Jacket•Torrid  || Hat•Asos || Jeans•Torrid || Boots•Torrid || Bralet•Torrid || Belt •Lovesick

  That's all for this weeks guys.
I am super excited to announce I'll be working with a few favorite companies to show you some Autumn & Winter fashion!
Please stay tuned for more
Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to
- Nat


Hey Hunnies
Its been way too long ! Life kinda came out of no where and smacked me in the face !
I'm excited to say I'm back and better then ever! I've been working with lots of new people ,places ,and projects ! If you haven't already, check out my Youtube ! I've been making more fun content for you guys via video. I have a few out and some really fun stuff in the makes. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure to subscribe !

  I''m definitely feeling inspired and ready to share. I thought since its been a while, I give you something a little fresh .I never wear bright colors , I'm usually stuck in my grays,whites, and blacks . When I was younger Yellow was my favorite color. I'm not sure if it was my inner youth reaching out or the fact mustard yellow is the new favorite for fall but this dress caught my eye and became a quick favorite. The cut of  this dress is by far the best part. With  high hems on both sides it gives off a unique flare.This look can easily be dressed up or down for almost any occasion .
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           Dress || ASOS •                   Belt || Lovesick •         Shoes || Nordstrom Rack

Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for more post every week ! 
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INSTA || @Hentai.Hunny

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Hey Hunnies
better late then never I am here with a new post. Everything in my life has been so frantic lately I feel like a chicken with its head cut off most days.  It was nice to be able to get out with Jojo and shoot these photos. This set is by far one of my favorites. This outfit defiantly represent how I do summer .    
 I paired an off the should chiffon top tied with a simple rusted color maxi, by adding little details like my wrap necklace and braids it completely adds a new a western inspired feel to the outfit.
For more details and photos keep reading...

Top | SimplyB

Maxi | Nordstrom Rack

Choker |

 Thanks guys for reading ! look out for my new video on youtube next week !
I'm coming out with more fun post for you guys I promise fun stuff is in the making !
Thanks again for reading 
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