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Hi Guys! 
I have a new outfit post for you.With spring around the corner I'm trying to make peace with saying goodbye to my fall and winter clothes.I always try to incorporate my clothes through out the seasons as much as possible.I wanted to take extra advantage of the turtle neck trend.When I was younger I hated wearing those neck huggers now my closet is slowly filling up with them. I decided to do something simple and pair it with a basic black pleated skirt , from torrid centuries ago. This Mod punk look is super up my ally. Like most girls I teeter on both ends of the spectrum. Its always a choice between like a japanese kawaii school girl or the queen of the underworld.  I feel as I got older I kinda lost my personal style, so 2016 is the year I'll reclaim it . Keep reading for more details!

Top || XXI +
Skirt || Torrid
Purse|| Michael Kors
Shoes || TUK
This fit is actually one of my favorites for the year so far,
Simple I know, but honestly I enjoy the simplicity sometimes especially when it can highlight these soul crushers I call shoes. The skirts length was perfect for me but I do tend to wear my skirts a little on the short side it. I just love the innocence of a pleated skirt this one from torrid was such a find I did alter it slightly removing buttons and taking it in a bit. 

I did want to take a second to acknowledge my purse , Im not the biggest fan of Michael Kors but I do have to say the saffiano leather selma is one of my favorite shaped purses and it holds its shape amazingly still after all my daily beatings I give it .

As for my shoes what can I say they are TUK's ! I love them they are easy to walk in, actually so easy that I get nervous I'm letting my guard down too much. The width of the shoes isn't ideal if you have wide feet makes them a bit more uncomfortable, but not to the point where you cant spend the day in them. These are my favorite shoes when I want to feel Badass and I definitely do.

This was probably one of my favorite OOTD's to date and I really cant wait to shoot more.
My next few post should be really fun ! With quite a few conventions coming up I want to start sharing more of my nerdy side and my process to prepare for a convention! Also look forward to much more ootd's,travels,trips ,tips and very soon videos. Thank you so much for reading !

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