ELVI AW X Shameless Cr3ature Pt. Two

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Hey Hunnies !
I'm super excited to bring part two of my Collab with Elvi clothing to you guys! 
I am really excited to share these photos with you because honestly they are my favorite thus far.
 So as Part Two I'm featuring my all time love of my life the Elvi patchwork fur coat.
For years I dreamed of getting a fur coat for the winter. I especially love this coat because of the uniqueness of the pattern. With mixes of chocolate, black and cream, its hard to find something in my winter wardrobe that doesn't go.  I plan on pairing this piece with jeans,skirts, and dresses. It honestly can dress up almost any basic outfit.I love this coat and you'll be seeing it a lot more
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Lace up body // ASOS
Skirt // XXI+
Boots// Torrid
Coat// Elvi

That's it for today guys ! I have so many more surprises for you and lots of new announcements !
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I cant wait to show you more of Elvis AW line!
I also wanted to just thank Elvi for he opportunity to showcase such beautiful well made products it honestly been such a pleasure to work with such a great company .
as always
Stay Shameless
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