Heroes Vs Villains Con !

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This past weekend I went to San Jose's very first Heroes vs Villains Con!
A smaller comic booked based convention located in Northern California.

I actually was super unaware I was even attending it .. My friend (& cosplay partner), Jill had mentioned it to me earlier in the summer and I had completely forgot.
So I had a week to throw together a cosplay.
I chose Zatanna from the batman series and Jill was X-men's Emma Frost !

There were some great costumes but, by far my favorite was honestly my friend Josh .
as Syndrome from
The Incredibles
You have to understand watching someone who's never made a costume make this in one night is a site for sure.
I was so doubtful from the start but he did it, and I'm super proud he was definitely bell of the villain ball.
Though Joshes Last minute cosplay stole my heart and literally brought me to tears (with laughter) There were sooo many amazing creative cosplay that day!


So I was I was honestly a little hesitant about writing this portion of my post since ive never really used my blog to vent or project my views on the world, but this will be my first and far from last time doing so.
I have a problem with you!
With the term "nerd" or "geek" having more of positive connotation connected to it, Nerd culture has blown up!
Im super excited about it ! Finally no one looks at me like a weirdo for loving anime,comics,or cosplay.
The nerd world was something I turned to because the "real" world wasn't a place for me. Not fitting in sucks, and it was amazing to feel accepted and valued from such a small connection.So Im always so happy to find people who are just beginning to explore this whole new fantasy world .BUT! what I dont appreciate is the way some these people treat me and others at these cons

Why are we now representing our community with just one type of person/look ?
Why are people telling me I should watch who I cosplay because how much I weigh?
 Why are people bullying others based on look or quality of a costume?
Guys this is fun, this is an outlet and first and foremost this is a community!
and it's made of many many many different types of people
Old, Young,Black,White,Asian,Skinny, Tall ,Fat
anything you can think of they are here!
People regardless of what they are into should be respected and treated kindly please remember that
Now some of my favorite cosplays from all types of cosplayers!

The con was fun and had a great turnout for its first year ! 
I cant wait to go back next year.
for you foodies we had some bomb greek food !
Nick fries are my life

So thats it till next time guys!
Stay Shameless


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