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Hey guys ! 
Ready for another look ?
Today was a quick shoot due to the rain cutting it a little short , but I think I got what I needed.Even though I spent a large sum of time fixing my baradot top from sliding up it was totally worth it. In this post I have some really great stuff to talk to you guys about ! Please keep reading for outfit details and upcoming news with Shamless Cr3ature! 

Okay big news !
 I recently was offered to contribute to one of my favorite online magazines, Skorch Magazine! I love Skorch, It was the first magazine I've seen that was geared toward plus-size women . Founded in 2006 by Jessica Kane Skorch quickly became a top source for current trendy plus-size fashion. I'll be blogging for them very soon ...{Dont worry Ill still be posting here too hehe}...So keep an eye out! Also look out for my Youtube coming out soon, I cant wait to share my adventures,makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and just overall thoughts with you guys ! I say this so much but I really want to thank everyone reading. I really appreciate all the love I've received lately and I'll be working extra hard for you guys!

Top||Simply Be
Shorts || ASOS 
Cardigan || Nordstrom Rack
Shoes ||Torrid
Sunnies|| Nordstrom | Neckklace || XXI

This outfit is a love hate relationship . You trade in your mobility of your arms for fashion with this one. Though the top is right up my alley and is perfect for the upcoming seasons , I don't think Ill be wearing it much. If I move even a little the shoulders rise up, into an unflattering pile of cloth draped over you.  Even though the top wasn't the most comfortable, I was really happy to find a  pair of grommet shorts ! The lace up look has integrated to shorts and have been popping up in stores like ShopTunnlevision and ASOS a lot lately. The 70's trend is still very alive and is carrying through spring so I cant wait to get creative with my upcoming Spring look book and OOTDS!

Okay guys that's its for today! I have a lot I'm looking forward to sharing with you, Till then...

-Stay Shameless


  1. Cute! I like the 70's vibe and I would wear those shorts for sure! :)

    xo, Carla

  2. Where did you get the backpack? Its super cute!


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