Fanime 2016!

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 Hi Hunnies 
Its been soooo long everyday of this mini hiatus Ive thought of you guys *wahh*.
Im so sorry I was crazy busy with work and getting ready for Fanime. I had almost zero times for post. but rest assured my weekly post will be starting back up again! I had a blast at Fanime. A four day anime extravaganza ! This year I was completely overwhelmed with the turn out. Ive been attending for four years now and every year it gets bigger ! I got to see so many beautiful made costumes and some really creative ones. Im super excited to show you some of my costumes too so keep reading ! 

Day One

Day one was an experience for sure after a long drive and some serious makeup issues the girls and I could finally hit the con. Unfortunately I didn't snap any individual picks of my outfit this day, but I'm going to do a full review on the skirt which was my absolute favorite !Jill,Josephine & I all wanted to do a coordinating costume so we went for a  PVC Succubus look.  The cosplays this day were like custom made for me. It was all my favorite characters, especially Pun Pun! I always love going to fanime's merch hall they always have such a selection of posters,figurines,snacks,t-shirts,and key-chains. honestly if it was anime related it was probably there. Day one felt like it flew by, but luckily we had three more to go!
Pun Pun!

  Day Two

Saturdays outfit was probably my favorite because I LOVE TO MATCH! *Insert twinning bunny emoji* Neggeen Josephine and I grouped up to cosplay the Super Squad. Neggeen as Super Sonico , Josephine as Super Pochaco, And I was Super Taruko. The girls are known for their curvy bodies and are very popular in japan . Though I don't think the company is sending out a body positive message with these characters. I do absolutely love the diversity in their body types . Jill Coplayed Cathrine my absolute favorite game . Speaking of games I spent the majority of my Saturday Playing Games in fanimes 24 hour arcade.  
Its All Gravy
"moco loco"

 The Look

Crop Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Forever 21 +
Kicks - Target
Wig - Ebay

 Day Three 
Day three was by far my favorite day ! We decided to try to be more adventures and participate in some of the events .From an art contest (which Jojo won ),to karaoke it was fun to explore the event and really get to experience it .My third look was a little more casual but one of my favorites.I love being an elf and putting my own style and spin on it .I found some of the most amazing cosplayers , I love the creativity some of these looks are. I kinda fell in love with the complete latex sailor scouts they killed it . It was so nice seeing so many different people enjoying the same thing !

 The Look


I didn't stay  on the last day sadly but I did snag a few things from the merch hall on my way out!  I had such a fun time at Fanime and can't wait to do it again next year! The overall feeling of acceptance you get there goes unmatched . If you've never been to a convention I think its always great experience to try . I really hope you enjoyed my post and looks and cant to talk to you guys again next week ! Till then

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