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Hey guys 
This week I'm really excited to show you a brand that I am currently obsessing over. Elvi is a UK based brand for plus sized women . They focus on a sleeker more modern side of  fashion . I love that Elvi is so unlike any brands you can find . They focus on classic styles and cat walk trends to ensure every women shopping with them leaves feeling , looking, and just being the queen they are. Elvi has also worked with one of my favorite models Haley hasslehof for a very Androgynous geared line which I'm currently in love with .

We recently came together 
so I could show case their Autumn Winter line and I was amazed with Their selection!  For this post I'll be showing you two dresses that really caught my eye .Keep reading for more details !

The first dress is probably going to be a staple in my every day this winter . I'm a huge fan of snake print I swear I was suppose to born in the early 90's. I love the details of the pleated bell sleeve on this piece !The dress fits right below the knee and paired with a tall boot makes me feel like I'm ready for a day out in the city.  What I love most though is that the dress is a statement on its own.I'm excited to pair this piece with vest, leather jackets, and tights .  

for all you fall fan this is Elvis tartan shift dress I love this dress because it really reminds me of fall. Elvis autumn winter collection is very true to their season. This piece screams hot coco, knits, and pumpkins ! The dresses color are probably my favorite part the colors are bold and easy to pair with. I can't wait to wear this with tights ,boots, scarf, and a huge cardigan .

That's it for this week guys look out for part two of my AW with Elvi next week feature my all time favorite piece thus far ! 

As always stay shameless ! 

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