Summer Cosmetic Favorites

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So with it being the middle of summer I thought it would be nice to quickly let you in on some of my favorites products for/from this season.

With M.A.C releasing their matte lipstick line I had to dive in. 
Three lippies I picked from the line were Persistence ,Matte Royal, & my personal favorite Whirl.
these suede like finish lipsticks come in 12 shades make sure to check them all out!
If you're familiar with studio fix+ you know the wonders it can do for you.
M.A.C has released five new scents for the formula
(Lavender,Yuzu,Coconut milk,Rose,and Cucumber)
All smell amazing!
I lightly mist this spray everyday with full face makeup or just light powder.
Using just a bit of this spray on your brush it can help blend and smooth contours and leaves you feeling fresh.
My favorite is rose
What was yours?

Next up are two of my favorite products for the summer time.
With the summer in full force and my general dislike of being In the sun (I hate sweating) I still want to give off that sun kissed looked.
 With M.A.C's soft and gentle on my face and Lushes black tight oil bar on my legs I can transform into a summer beach babe in seconds.On days I'm in a rush I love to just strobe my face with the soft and gentle .By just applying highlight on the raised sections of your face (i.e cheek bones,brow bones,bridge of nose,and corners of eyes) you create a natural and quick contour. Lushes blacktight bar is perfect for the girls who want a quick easy natural tan .By simply warming the bar by rubbing it with the palms of your hands you just apply the oils to the parts youd like to be tan.
I was super excited to hear M.A.C was introducing the 15X full size pallet 
If youre like me and hate buying individual eye shadows this pallet is amazing. it covers almost all my neutral needs.The pallet I purchased was a Nordstrom exclusive so get it while it last.Colors included - (Hey,Warm Breeze, Gingersnap,Dark Brew,Dance in the Dark,BrulĂ©,Vanilla Extract,Honey Lust, Amber Lights,Saddle,Lemon Tart,Butterfudge,Creative Copper,Unwind,Divine Decadence
Paired with my super water proof stila eyeliner I can pretty much conquer land and sea . (no seriously this eyeliner doesn't com off unless you want it too) This eyeliner is perfect for girls with hooded lids it never smudges !

Even though this is a summer Hauls I think ill be making use of these guys all year round.
for more product info click on their images for links


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