Happy Birthday Vanessa !

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"Everyone is the age of their heart."- Guatemalan Proverb

    My best friend Vanessa turned twenty-two recently ! But her real age is about id say seven.
Me and Vanessa have been friends for about nine years. Through thick and thin we've always stayed friends. Vanessa is my partner in crime. Shes an amazing friend and always finds a way to make me laugh. !This year I wanted to do something nice for Vanessa, and since I felt like just going out to dinner didn't feel all that special...we decided to take matters into our own hands

So if you know me you'd know I love parties,and not the "Oh shit ! the cops are here" kinda parties . I love dinner parties ! cocktail ! brunches ! who doesn't love to play fancy ? Plus it really gives a personal touch to everything. So dinner party it was. I spent a few weeks on pintrest reading sangria recipes and studying table settings arrangements.With the help of all my friends we were able to pull together a beautiful summer night dinner. 

Dinner was amazing everyone contributed in their own way to make it as tasty as it was. From twice baked Mac and cheese to the bruschetta bar .Every dish was a stomach pleasing treat.

I forgot to mention we had a trampoline too .If anyone was wondering this is the reason there are almost zero pictures of me . I had way too much fun jumping on that thing.
Our first endeavor with a real life selfie stick .Enjoy the selfie inceptions .Vanessa's twenty second went off with out a hitch I was so happy to see all my friends and especially happy that we all got to celebrate such an important persons birthday together .
I love you Vanessa 
Till next year .


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