M-POW! review

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Hi guys I hit a few road bumps so this post is kinda late but I want to talk to you about a recent purchase of mine the 
M-Pow 3 in 1 lens!
So lenses have been trending lately and I love it!
A change of dimension is a great way to add a more abstract spin to your everyday photos.
The M-Pow 3-1 in provides three small lenses along with a small clip to attach the lens to your phone.
What I like most about the M-pow is its versatile and simple design unlike big name competitors .
The M-pow can be used on any phone model and on front and back cameras.
Plus its size and packaging makes it easy to just pop in your purse.

So I wanted to show you examples of the lense and some of my thoughts

The Wide Angle
The wide angle lense is a definatly an underated lense I know this picture doesnt look like much but the wide angle is able to capture almost double of what your phone lense can.This lense is great for pictures of landscapes,nature photos,group photos. 

The Fish Eye
The ever so famous fish eye lives up to its name. This lens is defiantly my most used lenses of the 3 .The fish eye has the ability to turn an everyday photo and add a warped urban vibe.Fish eyes are great for festivals,parties,selfie sticks,and especially videos!

 The Macro
Let me start off by saying I was not a fan of this lens when I first made the purchase but after I got the hand of focusing with it I think this lens takes some of my favorite pictures.What I love about this lens is the detail in everything you can literally see veins int he petals .This lens is great for outdoor photos or nature shots.
All in All I do have to say the M-pow was defiantly worth the $15.99.
Get yours here !Click
I hope you enjoyed my review and feel free to ask any questions.


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