Happy Birthday!

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This month I celebrated my Twenty-Third!
Its crazy to even say that number in relation to age 
When I was seven I used to think being twenty-three would mean no cartoons and planning for a family and buying a home, 
Oh how wrong I was.

I spent my birthday with the most important people doing my most favorite thing..eating !
Every Birthday my friends are so amazing to me I always feel so loved and it Ill never be able to put into words how much I appreciate everything they do .

As you may or may not know I got a Canon T5 for christmas 
Shout out to mama!
So Ill be trying to incorporate more little vlogs in my post enjoy !

Lauren handmade my card and bag and even some of my gifts check out her etsy  

Outfit details
Top||Skirt|| Forever 21

San Francisco was a blast , I really wanted to try a local spot called
Plow was probably the main point of the trip i mean with a three hour wait we kind of had no other choice. I love the breakfast burger and lemon ricotta pancakes(super moist)!
Though I dont think ill ever be back to Plow with  wait as long as it was . During the wait we got to explore the beautiful houses on mission street . 

Before leaving we of course had to visit my favorite spot for snacks and reading material 
I found lots of cool facial and cosmetic products that I plan on sharing really soon so stay tuned.

(normal dorky tourist photo)

Yummy fluffy Tai Yaki 

Though I love to shop and snack around this time of year, it’s a struggle to get the bills paid and still have fun. But I made it around San Fran and got to taste all my favorite treats and see some of my favorite spots without breaking the bank with the help of Personal Capital wealth planning, which is also based in the San Francisco area! I guess its true that the best things in life are free

Outfit details:
Top||Nordstrom rack 
Jeans||Asos Curve
Purse||Vince Camuto

Okay so before I go I want you guys to know the holidays are over and you have my full attention!
Tell me what you want and you got it ;)
Ill be working very hard this year to supply more content and updates at least bi weekly
Thanks for the support
R.IP My birthday Cake


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