whats in my purse

12:55 AM Natalie Johnson 0 Comments

I think me without my purse would end in catastrophic disaster.
"What If I need to write it down"
"What if  my phone dies and I need to take a picture"
"What if I get bored"
"What if I get sweaty"
These are seriously things that go through my head on a daily basis .Which has led me to the hoarding tendency you see before you .I think if a storm hit Id be pretty much set the only thing id need is a snack (which is usually in my purse anyway)
I pack my purse to the brim most days that I know I wont be home soon. Who knows what your day will consist off 
Its always nice to be prepared when anything hits.


 Translucent powder+Lipstick+Lip Gloss+Duo glue+hair pins
 Lotion+Dusting powder+Wipes+perfume

1.Doonie & Bourke Mini Case //2.Miu Miu Lv 50 Frames//3.Planner//4.Wipes//5.EOS hand lotion//6.Mini Flower bomb perfume//7. Iphone 6+//8.Kawaii led pencil

9.Michael Kors Hamilton jetset wallet//10. Lush silky underwear//11.Fuji P&S//12.Mpow//13.Crystal light//14.Nordstrom brass plum sunnies//15.PSVita


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