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Hey guys I'm super excited for this post~
So I am a long time lover of all things anime and I've been attending a local event called SacAnime for over 10 years. For those who don't know what anime conventions entail or what they are in general you're in for a show. 
Anime its self is a form of animation originating in japan.
Unlike American Cartoons most Anime aren't geared toward just children but teens,young adults and above!
There is a huge popularity for Anime globally and conventions started to pop up around the late 80's.

There are tons of activities you can do at a convention from Shopping for some sweet merch to 
learning how to voice act to even speed dating !
Don't worry conventions are usually 2-3 day so you'll have lots of time to see it all
of all the things you can do at a con my favorite has to be 
Cosplay = Costume Play
Generally cosplays are costumes of anime/comic-book/fictional characters.
Though there are a handful of individuals like myself who like to show off their own personal style or interpretation of a character. 
People can spend hundreds of hours and dollars creating these costumes. 
and you'll be amazed at what some people can do .
so check out some of these amazing costumes maybe you'll recognize a character or two 

One of my very best friends Jill and I were Artemis and Luna from Sailor moon of course it was our own little take on it.
Top/Asos |Skirt/SimplyBe |Shoes/DIY

Someone was walking around with a board and markers having people draw whatever they felt like
P.S dont worry I took it upon myself to draw cuter things over the hateful things some people drew 

Japanese School Boys 

Super cute take on Rilakkuma

Warrior power puff girls have my heart

Babies can even cosplay!

The looks at the bar with this guy in hand was amazing.
I also want o apologize for the large amount of blurry pictures my dearest Jill didn't know you had to focus the camera before taking the pictures HAHA.

On day 3 I forgot my SD card at home so it was deifnatly a day of selfies though i did try to take as many snap shots on my phone as possible most of them being selfies XP


I had so much fun this year and cant wait for SacAnime Winter to roll around.
I hope you enjoyed this post !
What was your favorite cosplay ?
Comment and send love below


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