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guys I'm back in action after two years of being completely M.I.A I'm am starting to blog again.
Lots has changed over those two years and being In the position I am now I am capable of busting out a consistent amount of post.
I accidentally some how deleted all my old post ..Ooops

so we are starting fresh slate ...

I'm Natalie 

Twenty-two years old and California born.
I cosplay and enjoy Anime and Manga
Most of my free time is spent baking, drawing, or with friends
I love exploring new areas of the world and meeting new people
My vast variety of music taste has taken me to some of the greatest music festivals and concerts.
I am constantly inspired by the newest fashion trends and I love to try and replicate them if not create my own trends.
Im starting this Blog to document and share my experiences.

Im sad I'm not able to show you all the adventures I went on. These past two years have been a roller coaster of obstacles and blessings. This time around I plan to take life fully by the horns, and I promise to share every new soil explored, new makeup released,new outfit put together,new song heard,new festival ventured and any new experience  had. Looking back at some of these photos makes me wish I did blog it all ,but no worries I got a lot more life to live. 

So please look forward to new post every week on
and whatever else my brain can pump out

Thank you 


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