Highway to Hell

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 Hey Hunnys!
So Ive been super beat this week getting back to real life and shaking off the post vacay feels. I still wanted to show you guys some stuff weekly so I have a very casual outfit. I love Tshirts but I always have a hard time styling them . While I was in Newyork I got a Thrasher  tee that I kinda fell in love with since it gave of such  punk vibes . I Recently have been working with Rocksbox to show you guys what they are about ! Rocksbox is a company that lets you have all the glam and and glory of having nice jewelry without having to pay the price. I usually stock up on skirts and shoes that by the time I get to the jewelry section I'm tapped out. It can be hard to legitimize some purchases and for me jewelry is one . Rocksbox lets me try new pieces. If I love I can buy it and ,if I don't its free to ship back . 

T-shirt|| Diamond supplySkirt|| XXI+Shoes||TUKEarrings||Rocksbox(House of Harlow)

I've been a super busy bee and there's lots of fun stuff around the corner so check back in soon as always.
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