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First for the people who check my blog 

Its literally been week after week of madness this month
Ive been bouncing around like crazy but I have lots and lots of new post for you !

So As you may know my best friend Charles just had a birthday!
We celebrated in Trukee this year!
It was a really nice change from going to the city or a night club !
I spent 3 days with my second family and had an amazing time.
We can wait to go back

We spent A good amount of our time in the cabin snacking,napping,celebrating,or like some of us attempting to study . I dont know what it is but waking up in a cabin cooking breakfast and eating with the people you love really is something that should be on you bucket list. 
Between the mimosas and the late night drinks we got to explore our fairy tale surroundings.
I really wish I brought some outfits to shoot out here since anywhere you looked was beautiful
Jacket|ASOS   Leggings|Nordstroms Scarf|Nordstroms  Shoes|Nike
We decided to hike a small trail and explore Truckee a little more.
Everything was absolutely gorgeous. 
Unfortunately its a pretty rainy time a year so we didnt get too far . 
Over all I had an amazing time in Truckee .
We even made a new furry friend named Ivan.
So with old and new friends surrounding me I can say the weekend was nothing less then perfect.
Thanks for reading
My next endeavor will be posted soon!


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